Dragon Curve Games was founded by a small group of gamers and a singular purpose: to make the kinds of games we wanted to play, but that no one else was making. Our commitment to our players and ourselves is to never stop innovating and looking for ways to make our games better. We believe games can, and should be a fully immersive experience - the kinds that inspires the imagination and builds friendships.

Races - The Klyarulf

A dynamic and competitive people from a harsh world, the Klyarulf are a rare sight in the galaxy at large. Naturally inclined to seek the comfort of a pack, they are seldom found alone amongst the stars, and those who do leave their homeworld to play the space-ways are seen as heroes by their peers.

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Races - The Merlene

Hi all!

Today we resume our planned weekly series of lore updates, with a look at one of the older civilizations of Explored Space: the Merlene. A humanoid felid race from a lush, open world, Merlene are a spiritual people ruled over by an ancient line of queens. Matriarchal, the males of the species are seldom seen abroad in the wider galaxy. Those expecting a demure people, however, are often disappointed for the Merlene are fierce, proud warriors, with a code of honor that has lasted centuries, and... some whisper... a secret well worth protecting.

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Celestial Forge: Races - the Bernard

Hello again!

We'll return to everyone's favorite pink-skinned hairless apes in a future installment to to talk more about the present state of humanity, and how that affects the player experience. For now though, we wanted to take a break from the home team to talk about one of the more alien races who inhabit Explored Space: The Bernard. The Bernard are a highly collectivist species who regard the other sentient races, with their chaotic and often warlike ways ,with more than a bit of apprehension, but consider it their duty to help to teach them like the wayward children that they are.

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Lost Earth, The Beacons, and the History of Inter-Stellar Travel


This week we want to talk a bit about the background of Explored Space, and how humanity first came to the stars. The races of the Celestial Forge galaxy are relatively new to interstellar colonization, for the most part, but that doesn't mean that the current era of space exploration is the first time any race has ever colonized the stars either... mysterious relics awaited all who left their home systems for the first time left by a race known to the young species of the sector only as “The Harbingers

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And So It Begins


This is the first in what we hope will be a long series of weekly updates from the team here at Dragon Curve Games. Development has been going on in earnest for the last week on our flag game, Celestial Forge. Future updates will reveal more about the races, mechanics, progression systems, and so forth of the game. We wanted to start off, though, with a brief overview of what our dev team has been doing for the past few weeks to try to put together the basic framework of the game. At the moment the team is small, and completely volunteer, so for many people it's been a process of learning as they create.

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Celestial Forge

Celestial Forge is currently underway. Most of the design for the logic and item interactions and general sector design.